Marimo Moss Ball Care

*Keep your Marimo where the will receive low to medium indirect light. You must protect Marimo from the direct rays of the sun, as Marimo can easily turn brown if they are getting direct light! Also keep in mind the direct sun will be intensified by glass Marimo enclosures which can heat water quite quickly. Remember- these guys are native to cool lakes, and should be kept cool.
*Marimo are well adapted to low light spaces and can photosynthesize in normal household light. If your space has no window, keep Marimo close to a fluorescent or full-spectrum bulb.
Changing the water
*Change water once every two weeks using regular tap water (for best results, allow water to sit out for 24 hours prior to changing the water). You'll need to change the water more often in the summer, as it will heat and evaporate more quickly. Clean you Marimo enclosure with a brush if algae begins to grown on tank surface.
*If your Marimo turn brown, make sure they're moved to a cooler location with less direct light. The may recover and turn green again on their own, If not, you may add a tiny amount of aquarium ocean salt.
Why are my Marimo Balls floating?
*More then likely, your Marimo balls have a air bubble trapped inside that is causing them to float! Gently squeeze your Marimo balls to pop the air bubble. Generally, Marimo will sink to the bottom of their tank within 1-2 days of being added to an enclosure.
Can Marimo survive outside of water?
*Yes! Marimo moss balls can survive without water if kept in plastic or a closed jar for several days, as long as they aren't allowed to fully dry out. Plastic bags ate the easiest way to travel with Marimo moss.
Keeping Maimo shape round
*In their natural habitats, the waves and currents of the lakes gently rotate and roll Marimo balls along the floor of the lake.
*to ensure the Marimo keep their round form and don't flatten out, you'll want to gently agitate the water in your Marimo enclosure, with the goal that when you Marimo balls settle back to the bottom, they rest on a different side than they had prior. Try to simulate the gentle waves of a lake. Or gently squeeze out some of the water and rolls between the palms of your hands to make it round.
Marimo and aquarium safety
*Many people ask if Marimo can go into their fish tanks. Yes! Marimo are welcome addition to freshwater aquariums. In fact, they naturally absorb toxic nitrates in water and act like miniature filters, cleaning the water.
*Though Marimo are safe for fish, some fish are known to enjoy Marimo a bit too much and may peck at and eventually destroy a Marimo ball. Keep a good eye on things and see how your fish react before you decide to permanently leave Marimo in a fish tank. Gold fish are most know for destroying Marimo balls.