Succulent Care

* Light – Although you would think that because succulents and cacti mainly originate in the desert they would be down with full high-beaming sun, for many species full midday sun can actually burn your plant. For many species brightly lit areas with lots of sunlight are perfect but not somewhere with full midday sun.


* Water – During the warmer part of the year most succulents and cacti go through a ‘growing’ phase where they are most active and need water and nutrients. When it cools down during the year they go into a dormant phase and need much less water (this is the point where you can neglect your plants a little). During the warmer months in their growing phase succulents should be watered once a week and cacti between 2-3 weeks but rather than pour a cup of water now and then into the pot, wait until the dirt is completely dry and then soak the plant in water for a few minutes. During the dormant season cut down on your watering for succulents to 10-14 days and your cacti to every 4weeks.


* Soil – Succulents are usually found in gritty or sandy soils, and you should make sure this is what you use in the event that you replant them. We use "black gold" soil from the hardware store.


* Pot – As with all plants, make sure the pot you use for your plant has a drainage hole in the bottom. Or fill the bottom of your container with enough rock to allow drainage.


* Re-potting – Although an annoying process to go through, if you’re a nice and caring succulent owner there will be a point at which you have to re-pot. Do this every year or when the plant starts to look uncomfortable in the pot. Fingers crossed you get to that point!


* Pay attention – Succulents and cacti plants are all different and the only way to make sure you are doing the right thing is to pay attention to how they are growing – apparently yellowing can mean too much water and leaning towards the light source can mean not enough Sunlight.